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Blog: Reshaping Construction and the Building Envelope

Posted October 7th, 2016 by Mark Silverberg on

What will our industry look like in five years? How will our markets, supply chains and regulatory environment change? What will society ask of our buildings and building envelopes? How can we prioritize the risks and opportunities? Fortunately, two tremendous resources are now available to shed light on these important issues.

Shaping the Future of Construction

Today, the construction industry uses more raw materials than any other industry. The labor productivity of construction has been stagnant for many years and in the U.S., it’s actually decreasing. Buildings use 25-40 percent of the energy in developed countries and thus are one of the biggest sources of carbon emissions. Most buildings aren’t designed or constructed to sustainability criteria and the health impacts of buildings on their occupants wasn’t a priority in their design.

The resource-constrained supply chains of tomorrow are stressed and getting worse. Every day 200,000 people move from rural to urban areas around the world. This creates tremendous pressure on materials, housing and infrastructure supply, and on the pace of construction.

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