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Energy Code & Green Projects Update

“It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.” David Allan Coe

Energy Code & Green Projects Update

These words of wisdom are often forgotten. The unseen details can make or break a spectacular building. Technoform is here to help you create the top-performing buildings of 2017 that will stand the test of time.

The Technoform goals have been set and the plans are underway to make 2017 a success. However, what did we learned from this past year? Here are a few keys to success in the areas of energy codes, LEED certifications and our involvement in both. Last year, 80 percent of states adopted energy codes exceeding ASHRAE standard 90.1. Additionally, North America is continuing to adopt the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) LEED® certification. Technoform has focused on innovative solutions that assist in both these fenestration initiatives, and more. Continue reading this issue to learn about our global desire for high-performance buildings. 

Energy Code Adoption Progression

In 2016, 80 percent of United States adopted energy codes exceeding ASHRAE standard 90.1 2004 for commercial sector and 2006 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) standard for residential sector. These numbers have dramatically increased compared to 2009. Nearly half of states in 2009 did not have, or had very limited, energy code regulation. The U.S. Department of Energy estimated a 4-5 percent increase in stringency per code cycle for residential and commercial codes. These growth estimates are based on the projected technological advances throughout the industry.

If you would like to see the progression of the energy code adoption status, click here to visit the Building Codes Assistance Project (BCAP).


Green Building Projects

A total of 7,344 projects have been documented as LEED certified projects since 2000. Among these, over 70 percent are located in North America. LEED certification is showing signs of growth in South America and Asia.

Although there was a decrease in LEED certified projects in recent years, the USGBC has shown initiatives for a renewed surge of certified buildings, which is reflected in the uptick of projects from 2015 to2016. Following this upward trend in LEED buildings, the Deloitte Tower in Montreal, CA received LEED Platinum certification in 2015. See how Deloitte Tower uses energy-efficient glazing with Technoform products by clicking here for the case study.

In addition to LEED, The Living Building Challenge ™ is a building certification program, advocacy tool, and philosophy that defines the most advanced measure of sustainability in the building industry. The Bullitt Center in Seattle overcame several challenges to reach Living Building Standard and, in 2013, became the world’s most sustainable commercial building. Technoform Glass Insulation was excited to have been used to assist in the sustainability of this building. Click here for a detailed case study.


Fenestration Thermal Zone Technology

The thermal zone determines the energy performance of all façade systems. The use of proper thermal zone insulation could reduce energy transfer by up to 85 percent. The glass quality, insulation spacer and fabrication process are all related to other essential performance needs of window/façade systems, such as: glass durability, cracking, fogging performance and water leakage problems. The proper use of warm edge spacer and low-conductivity thermal break can improve the performance of the thermal zone and thus enable the façade systems to meet higher building standards.

Technoform welcomes the opportunity to support designers, specifiers, and other building team members in selecting and developing the best thermal zone insulation products. It is our desire to help you meet energy codes and green building guidelines and improve building performance, sustainability, and occupant wellness. Please feel free to email our team at to discuss your individual needs and customized solutions for your specific project.